RealClearScience Morning Edition

Scientists Need a Dose of Humility - W. Jay Wood, Big Questions Online
Dengue 'Breakbone' Fever Returns to the U.S. - Maryn McKenna, Slate
Erratic Environment Key to Human Evolution? - Charles Choi, Live Sci.
Great Barrier Reef Sea Floor Slab Could Generate Tsunami - Cosmos
Octopi: The New Kings of Disguise - Ed Yong, Mental Floss
World's First Freshwater Mosasaur - Becky Crew, Scientific American
'Biological Concrete' Promotes Vertical Gardens - David Szondy, Gizmag
Physics Explains Why Wounds Heal Slowly - MIT Technology Review
Climate Change Is Big Deal (for Insurance) - Allie Wilkinson, Ars Technica
Top 10 Extreme Weather Events of 2012 - Andrew Freedman et al., CC

RealClearScience Afternoon Edition

Half the Facts You Know Are Probably Wrong - Ronald Bailey, Reason
Is It Time to Redraw the Tree of Life? - Carl Zimmer, Phenomena
Stem Cell 'Therapy' Grows Bone in Woman's Eye - Ferris Jabr, SciAm
Phantom Eye Syndrome: 'Seeing' Without Eyes - Esther Inglis-Arkell, io9
Go Ahead and Eat (Some of) that Expired Food - Dan Charles, NPR
Three Gods: The Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever - Richard Webb, NewScientist

RealClearScience The Latest Research

The Hawaiian Islands Are Dissolving - Brigham Young University
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Function Found for Group of Nerve Cells in Brain - Karolinska Institutet
A Genetic Cause of Eczema Discovered - Oregon State University