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The Best RealClearScience Articles of 2012 - Editors, RealClearScience
Science and Politics Cannot Be Separated - Jack Stilgoe, Guardian
Will the World Ever Have a Global Government? - George Dvorsky, io9
More Guns in U.S. Haven't Caused More Killings - John Horgan, SciAm
Which Fake Medicine Is Most Effective? - Cara Feinberg, Harvard Mag.
Huge Extinct Eagles Ate Monster-Sized Birds - Dan Nosowitz, PopSci
Bats Evolved to Fix DNA Damaged by Flight - John Timmer, Ars Technica
Monkey Brain Area Keeps Count of Kindnesses - Becky Summers, Nature
Why Are Annoying Things So, Well... Annoying? - Joe Palca, BBC News
5 Best Retracted Science Studies of 2012 - Christopher Wanjek, Live Sci.
Newton Blog: Uvula, Cerumen & Coccyx: Your Body Is Weird
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New Data Challenges Evolution of Early Life - Univ. of Calif.-Riverside
How Star Clusters Look Young When They Are Not - Penn State Univ.
Smaller Colorado River Projected for Decades - Columbia University
How Chinese Herbal Medicine Fights Malaria - Scripps Research Instit.