RealClearScience Morning Edition

The Big Differences Between Persuasion and Coercion - K.C. Cole, Slate
Why It's Critical to Cover 'Controversial' Science - Ken Fisher, Ars Tech
New Orleans Schools Vote to Ban Creationism - Tania Dall, WWLTV
Tree Frogs Upend Thinking on Evolution - Helen Fields, Smithsonian
Evolutionary Psychology of the Romance Novel - Scicurious, Neurotic Phys
Adam Lanza's DNA Won't Explain His Crime - Jon Hamilton, NPR
Number of Girl Geniuses Catching Up to Boy Geniuses - The Economist
Giant Tooth Hints at Monumental 'Titanosaur' - Michael Marshall, NewSci
It's the Small Asteroids We Need to Worry About - Seth Shostak, Huff Post
10 Other Incorrect Doomsday Predictions - Stacy Conradt, Mental Floss
Newton Blog: An Easy Way to Reduce Traffic Congestion?
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