RealClearScience Morning Edition

How Obama Killed Yucca Mountain - Adam White, The New Atlantis
The Great Schism in the Environmental Movement - Keith Kloor, Slate
N. Korean Satellite Tumbles Out of Control - Miklaszewski & Boyle, NBC
Special Relativity in Your Wedding Ring - Enrico Uva, Science 2.0
Nile-Like River Found on Saturn Moon Titan - Ian O'Neill, Discovery
Big Pharma Regularly Twists Drug Data - Sybille Hildebrandt, SciNordic
Chronic Wasting Disease: 'Mad Cow' for Deer - Hillary Craddock, MtSG
Frog Fights with Retractable Spikes - Colin Hanning, Science Recorder
Bizarre Flowers Launch Seeds in Raindrops - Charles Choi, Live Science
Verbal Autopsy: The Corpse Whisperer - Michaeleen Doucleff, NPR
Newton Blog: Isaac Newton Says World Will End in 2060, Not 2012

RealClearScience Afternoon Edition

NASA vs. the Maya End of the World Madness - Michael Lemonick, Time
Did Early Life Evolve on Land, Not in the Sea? - Richard Harris, NPR
Ray Kurzweil: 86% Correct About the Future - Dominic Basulto, Big Think
Galaxy Found at Record-Breaking Distance - Ron Cowen, Nature News
When There's a Leg Where Your Arm Should Be - Ricki Lewis, PLoS Blogs
Why Vaccines Should Be Mandatory - Cameron English, PolicyMic
Journal Club: Female Fruit Flies Mate with Brothers, Dad

RealClearScience The Latest Research

Fossil Discovery May Shake the Tree of Life - University of Oregon
Put a Frog in Your Milk: A Lesson from Russia - Am. Chemical Society
Laser Pulse Converts Insulator into Conductor - Physics World
Honey Bees Trained to Stick Out Their Tongues - Science Codex