RealClearScience Morning Edition

Could Boredom Be Cured? - Maria Konnikova, Boston Globe
You Can't Get Through This Post Without Itching - Scicurious, SciAm
Join the Quest to Map the Brain's Connections - Sebastian Seung, Huff Post
If We Could Live to 1,000, Should We? - Peter Singer, Project Syndicate
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Drill Issue Could Threaten Mars Rover Curiosity's Mission -
75% Chance ET Is Between 1,361 & 3,979 Light-Years Away - Daily Galaxy
Rise in Renewables Requires More Fossil Fuels - Ralph Vartabedian, LAT
Be Prepared: $7 Coffee May Become Norm - Leah Binkovitz, Smithsonian

RealClearScience Afternoon Edition

Brain Hacking: War's Next Battlefield - C. Diggins & C. Arizmendi, Wired
Air Force Launches Secret X-37B Spacecraft into Orbit - Marcia Dunn, AP
Doll-Like Robot to Assist Astronauts on ISS - Elizabeth Howell,
Bizarre Weather Around the Solar System - Juliana Jaramillo, Slate
New Plan for World's Most Powerful Laser - Geoff Brumfiel, Nature News
On Foodborne Illness, FDA Is Out to Lunch - Barry Estabrook, Mother Jones
Journal Club: Centenarians' miRNA Expression Still Like New

RealClearScience The Latest Research

Do We Live in a Computer Simulation? - University of Washington
From Fish to Man: How Fins May Have Become Legs - EurekAlert!
Wind, Solar, Storage Could Power Grid 99.9% of Time - Univ. of Delaware
Mining Ancient Ores for Clue to Early Life on Earth - McGill University