RealClearScience Morning Edition

Earth's Naturally Occurring Anti-Matter Explosions - The Daily Galaxy
Save the Martian Microbes! - C. Carberry & A. Westenberg, Huffington Post
Is the Earth Screwed? A Geophysicist Asks - Jonathan Mingle, Slate
The Carbon Tax: A Tax We Could Learn to Love - David Frum, CNN
The Rise of Genghis Khan: Thanks to Climate Change? - The Economist
Overpopulation: A Unique Perspective - Peter Kareiva, Conservation Mag
Being Batman Is Hard, Physiologically Speaking - E. Paul Zehr, SciAM
Pseudoscience Hits the Stage at TEDx - Michael Copeland, Wired
Metabolism & the Brain - O. Kaidanovich, D. Cha & R. McIntyre, The Scientist
Why Cheap Booze Makes for a Horrible Hangover - Brent Rose, Gizmodo
Journal Club: Prague, Christmas, and Fish in Barrels
RealClearScience Podcast: December 7, 2012
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