RealClearScience Morning Edition

Can a Hydra Unlock Secret of Immortality? - Nathaniel Rich, NYT Mag.
Origin of Speciation: Is LincRNA the Missing Link? - The Economist
Marital Advice from Charles Darwin - James Randerson, Guardian
Blaschko Lines: Why Some Humans Have Stripes - Esther Inglis, io9
How Vulnerable Is World to Internet Blackout? - Devin Coldewey, NBC
Dispersant Makes Oil Spill Far More Toxic - Douglas Main, Live Science
Chemistry of BPA: Friend or Foe? - Nina Notman, Chemistry World
Hagfish Slime to Inspire Synthetic Fabrics? - Ben Coxworth, Gizmag
Gastric Bypass Surgery in a Bottle - Bijal Trivedi, Discover
Why You'd Be Weightless at Center of Earth - Annie Hastwell, ABC Science
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