RealClearScience Morning Edition

Does Science Have an Honesty Problem? - Berezow & Campbell, USAT
Kyoto Protocol: Step Forward or Giant Flop? - Quirin Schiermeier, Nature
Top 5 Climate Challenges Facing Obama - Andrew Freedman, Clim. Central
How Sensitive Is Climate to Carbon Dioxide? - John Timmer, Ars Technica
Ecological Avatars Predict Species Invasions - Lauren Kuehne, RCScience
Acrobatic Ambush from Ocean's Largest Whale - Ella Davies, BBC News
U.S., China Should Team Up in Space - David Axe, Pacific Standard
Killer Cave May Have Inspired Myth of Hades - Charles Choi, Live Science
Folk Wisdom that's Scientifically True - M. Asher Cantrell, Mental Floss
'Seinfeld' Was Right: Don't Double-Dip - Ali Schumacher, Mind the Sci. Gap
Newton Blog: The 'Wisdom of the Crowd' and U.S. Elections

RealClearScience Afternoon Edition

Water Ice Discovered on Planet Mercury - Elizabeth Howell,
Exciting New Phase for Human Evolution - Brandon Keim, Wired
Nanostructures Made from DNA 'Lego' Blocks - Alan Boyle, NBC News
A Table-Top Test for Quantum Foam - Hamish Johnston, Physics World
Ultrasound Could Blast Away Bacteria from Spinach - Nancy Shute, NPR
The Free Market Case for a Carbon Tax - A. Barton Hinkle, Reason
Journal Club: Does Psychiatry Have a Discipline Problem?

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Flu Outbreaks Predicted with Weather Forecast Techniques - NCAR
Dog Virus May Lead to New Human Vaccines - University of Georgia
Astronauts Training in Cave Find New Species - European Space Agency
Men Far More Interested in Sports than Women - Grand Valley St. Univ.