RealClearScience Morning Edition

How a Warp Drive Is Theoretically Possible - George Dvorsky, io9
On the Hunt for the Elusive Dark Matter - Clara Moskowitz,
NASA Working to Eliminate 'New Satellite' Smell - David Szondy, Gizmag
Fractal Structures Could Bear Heavy Loads - Tushna Commissariat, PW
First Natural Gas Tanker Attempts Arctic Crossing - Matt McGrath, BBC
Wasps Lay Eggs in Wasps that Lay Eggs in Insects - Ed Yong, Discover
Implantable Body Parts Created with 3D Printer - Institute of Physics
Seminal Fluid May Be Critical for Pregnancy - Sarah Keenihan, Cosmos
Dubious DNA Study Claims Bigfoot Is Part Human - Ben Radford, LiveSci
What to Make of Our Visions of Heaven and Hell? - John Horgan, SciAm
Newton Blog: Cosmic Pinball: The Earth Goes on Tilt

RealClearScience Afternoon Edition

Why Dinosaurs Had a 23-Hour Day - Kylie Andrews, ABC Science
Gargantuan Black Hole Occupies Modest Galaxy - Ken Croswell, Science
Is There a Way to See Stars During the Day? - Nicholas Gerbis, LLM
Atom Smasher Creates New State of Matter - Clara Moskowitz, Live Science
How Technology Threatens Us - Fred Guterl, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
There Are Many Reasons to Dig Up a Corpse - Leo Hickman, Guardian

RealClearScience The Latest Research

Where's the Best Place to Look on a Person's Face? - UC-Santa Barbara
Human Feces Used to Track Civilization - University of Massachusetts
Nature's Survivalists: How Do Bacteria Form Spores? - Rice University
Man Impales Hand on Tree, New Bacterium Discovered - NSF