RealClearScience Morning Edition

Curiosity Makes Earthshaking Discovery on Mars? - Joe Palca, NPR
Greenhouse Gases Hit Record Highs in 2011 - Matthew Knight, CNN
Officials Investigate Gulf Coast Dolphin Mutilations - Tamara Lush, AP
Cancer Is Not an Evolutionary Throwback - PZ Myers, ScienceBlogs
Activism Distorts Scientific Risk Assessments - Geoffrey Kabat, Forbes
Colored Windmills Shed Light on Vision - Anna Salleh, ABC Science
Guilt May Make the Pie Taste Sweeter - Tom Jacobs, Pacific Standard
Physics Solves the St. Petersburg Paradox - Johannes Koelman, Science 2.0
Wormholes in Medieval Books Reveal 'Fossil Record' - Live Science
Medieval Christianity: Key to Rise of Science - James Hannam, BioLogos
Newton Blog: Getting High the Legal and Healthy Way

RealClearScience Afternoon Edition

Rubio & Obama: Ignorance of Science Is Bipartisan - Daniel Engber, Slate
Will the World Be More Peaceful in 2050? - Liat Clark, Wired UK
Science Publication Becoming 50 Shades of Grey - Douglas Fields, HuffPo
Pill Makes Your Blood Poisonous to Bedbugs - Kent Sepkowitz, Newsweek
Math Models Show Penguins Are Selfish - Elizabeth Preston, Inkfish
Answered: Thanksgiving Health Queries - James Hamblin, The Atlantic
Journal Club: The Brain Science of Estimating a Person's Age
Newton Blog: Aristotle's Theory on the Thanksgiving Food Coma

RealClearScience The Latest Research

Fungus May Provide Natural Bedbug Control - Penn State University
Algae Discovered that Can Digest Plant Material - Universitat Bielefeld
Device Mimics Dog's Nose to Detect Explosives - UC-Santa Barbara
Lava Dots: Hollow, Soft-Shelled Quantum Dots - Rice University