RealClearScience Morning Edition

No More Twinkies? An Incalculable Loss for Science - Denise Grady, NYT
Anti-GMO Scientist Calls Critics Corporate Shills - Jon Entine, Gen Lit Proj
Mercury Poisoning Didn't Kill Tycho Brahe - Science 2.0
World Needs a Bad Medicine Treaty - Attaran & Bate, RealClearScience
What Is Chaos Theory? - Jon Borwein & Michael Rose, The Conversation
Super-Jupiter: Big Planet or Brown Dwarf? - Ian O'Neill, Discovery News
Quantum Cryptography Conquers Noise Problem - Zeeya Merali, Nature
Exotic Particle Shows Time Has an Arrow - Matthew Francis, Ars Technica
Laurax: The Scented Version of 'White' - Ed Yong, Discover Blogs
Artistic Computers Will Manipulate Our Emotions - Hal Hodson, NewSci.
Newton Blog: Luxury of a Full Stomach Leads to Pseudoscience

RealClearScience Afternoon Edition

Don't Blame Obesity on Thanksgiving - Cameron English, PolicyMic
Cracked 250-Yr-Old Code Reveals Secret Society - Noah Shachtman, Wired
New Suits for Future Space Travelers - Eric Sofge, Popular Science
Preventing Subway Floods with Giant Balloons - Henry Fountain, NYT
Rocks with Sparkle: How Do Geodes Form? - Kate Baggaley, Scienceline
Swallowing Billions of Dollars of Diamonds - Brian Palmer, Slate

RealClearScience The Latest Research

Fossil ID Solves 121-Year-Old Paleontology Mystery - Science Daily
Full Moon Does Not Increase Mental Illness - Universite Laval
Mars and Earth: Finding the Common Denominator - Carnegie Instit.
Nanoparticles Convert Solar Energy into Steam - Rice University