RealClearScience Morning Edition

How 40 Nerds Got Obama Re-Elected - Alexis Madrigal, The Atlantic
Nikola Tesla: The Staunch Eugenicist - Matt Novak, Smithsonian
Survival of the Sexiest - Matt Ridley, Wall Street Journal
Is the Human Brain at Maximum Capacity? - Maria Popova, Brain Pickings
Physics: Now What's Left to Discover? - Ethan Siegel, ScienceBlogs
Astronauts Could Survive Mars Radiation - Mike Wall,
How Long Will a Lie Last? - Kyle Hill, Scientific American
Ten Reasons Why You're Not That Smart - David McRaney, Huffington Post
Pig Genome Sequencing May Lead to Tastier Bacon - Sarah Zielinski, NPR
You Don't Really Want to Eat that Placenta, Do You? - Keith Veronese, io9
Journal Club: Do Fruit Flies Have Free Will?
Newton Blog: Interspecies, Airborne Transmission of Ebola
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