RealClearScience Morning Edition

Military Leading Fight for Green Energy - Katie Drummond, Global Post
Are India's Poor Human Guinea Pigs? - Sue Lloyd-Roberts, BBC News
The Time When Humans Nearly Vanished - Donald Prothero, Skeptic Blog
A Carnivorous Mastodon: Be Afraid, Very Afraid - Brian Switek, Wired
In Defense of Pseudoscience - Paul Willis, ABC Science
Jonah Lehrer Wasn't a Neuroscientist - Boris Kachka, New York Magazine
Are Empathy & Logic Mutally Exclusive? - Colleen Park, Popular Science
I Don't Want to Know My Genome Sequence - Ricki Lewis, PLoS Blogs
3-D Printing Enters the 4th Dimension - Evelyn Lamb, Scientific American
Massive 300 kg Meteorite Unearthed in Poland - Cosmos Magazine

RealClearScience Afternoon Edition

The Immense Cost of Prolonging Death - Lisa Krieger, S.J. Mercury-News
Voters Have Right to Know Science of GMOs - Viet Le, PLoS Blogs
Why Does Salt Make Hurricane Damage Worse? - Colin Lecher, PopSci
Replicating the Pressures of a Gas Giant - Tim Wogan, Physics World
A Mysterious Dome-Skulled Dinosaur - Brian Switek, Smithsonian
Sunflowers Flying Through Deserts. Why? - V. Liota & R. Krulwich, NPR

RealClearScience The Latest Research

Asteroid Belts of Just the Right Size Are Friendly to Life - NASA
New Experiment Shows Photon as Wave & Particle - University of Bristol
Why Seas Are Rising Ahead of Predictions - Geological Society of America
Meth Vaccine Shows Promise in Early Tests - Scripps Research Institute