RealClearScience Morning Edition

The Silly Panic Over a Minority White Nation - Ronald Bailey, Reason
Peter Gleick's Astonishing Lapse of Judgment - Megan McArdle, Atlantic
Are You Irresponsible? Blame Your Language - David Berreby, Big Think
Why John Glenn Is an Endangered Species - Editorial, USA Today
Will EU Carbon Scheme Trigger a Trade War? - Gerard Wynn, Reuters
Distorting London Geography to Fit Its Tube Map - Mark Wilson, Fast Co.
What If a Gamma-Ray Burst Hit Earth? - David Coward, The Conversation
Exoplanet GJ 1214b May Be a Steamy 'Waterworld' -
Do Stars Capture Rogue, Wandering Planets? - Ken Croswell, Science
Can St. Aquinas Make Sense of the Big Bang? - William Carroll, BioLogos
Newton Blog: Print Me a New Bone and a BMW, Please

RealClearScience Afternoon Edition

Did an Optical Illusion Sink the Titanic? - Andrew Wilson, Smithsonian
The Science of Things that Aren't So - Bruce Chassy & Henry Miller, Forbes
Facebook Profile Predicts Job Success - Eve Tahmincioglu, MSNBC
Can Software Predict Repeat Offenders? - Cherry & Berk, IEEE Spectrum
Ancient Footprints Reveal Elephant Social Life - Robert T. Gonzalez, io9
Rumors of Y Chromosome Demise Exaggerated - Ian Sample, Guardian

RealClearScience The Latest Research

Rare Element Found in Stars Far, Far Away - Mass. Institute of Technology
Rare Fungus Kills Endangered Rattlesnakes - University of Illinois
GM Grapes Use New Protein to Kill Pathogen - Los Alamos National Lab
Harvesting Energy Out of Everyday Motions - Duke University