February 11, 2012

Sssnakes Can Sssmell Menstrual Ssssecretions

Neurotic Physiology, Neurotic Physiology

David Chiszar

After last week's post on whether the bears can smell the menstruation (hehe, I can't get over that quote), I was inundated with questions and tips for papers. People asked if menstruation attracted sharks (answer: no one has tested it, right now shark attacks are 9.2:1 male:female, but that's probably due to differences in being in the right place at the right time, rather than being on your period. But I think I need to dangle some bloody tampons in shark infested waters...for science), if dogs were attracted to the smell of menstruation (I've been looking and looking for studies, but apparently that hasn't been done either), all sorts of things. But...

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