September 16, 2011

America's Dangerous Food Safety System

Eve Conant, Daily Beast

AP Photo

Ten-year-old Shiloh Johnson lay in a hospital bed for 43 days as medical tubes protruding from her chest slowly drained suffocating fluid from her heart and lungs. Each day brought a new challenge, many of them life-threatening.

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TAGGED: Salmonella, E. Coli, Food Poisoning, Food Safety


October 12, 2013
The Shutdown Is Not Decreasing Food Safety
Hank Campbell, Science 2.0
If you live in America and hadn't heard, the government is in a shutdown. We've had a full plate of political theater, with armed stand-offs at veteran's memorials and the National Zoo's Panda Cam going dark, presumably to... more ››
October 9, 2013
Major Foodborne Outbreak Hits During Shutdown
M. McKenna, Wired
Late-breaking news, and I’ll update as I find out more: While the government is shut down, with food-safety personnel and disease detectives sent home and forbidden to work, a major foodborne-illness outbreak has begun.... more ››