August 5, 2011

New London Tube Map Sparks 'Design' Debate

John Pavlus, Fast Company

AP Photo

Of the interesting comments left on my post about Mark Noad's redesigned London Underground map, one of the most interesting was left by eminent typographer and designer Erik Spiekermann. In it, he stated a what he called a "common misunderstanding" about Harry Beck's legendary wayfinding display: that it isn't a map at all, "it's a diagram. Not meant to show geographic relationships, but connections." Spiekermann criticized Noad for mixing the two concepts in his redesign, which attempted to combine...

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October 4, 2013
First Cloud Map of an Exoplanet
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
On the exoplanet Kepler 7b, the weather is highly predictable, an international team of scientists has found: On any given day, the exoplanet, which orbits a star nearly 1,000 light-years from Earth, is heavily overcast on one... more ››