August 2, 2011

Senators, Don't Kill Genetically-Modified Salmon

Editorial, LA Times

AP Photo

People tend to respect and believe in science — until it tells them something they didn't want to hear. Thus President George W. Bush clung to his billion-dollar-a-year Reading First program even after a study by his administration showed that it wasn't improving students' reading. Senators from states where the gray wolf was reintroduced successfully pushed for legislation delisting it as an endangered species; it didn't matter what the Read Full Article ››

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October 5, 2013
Global Warming Debate Isn't About Science
Dana Nuccitelli, Guardian
The 2013 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report states with 95 percent confidence that humans have caused most, and probably all of the rapid global warming over the past 60 years. Approximately 97 percent of... more ››