January 27, 2011

Unifying Science and Christianity

Loren Wilkinson, BioLogos Forum


In the first part of this series I suggested that Coyne and MacDonald were probably justified in their criticisms of Denis Alexander’s Homo divinus model (which posits that Adam and Eve were historical figures chosen out of a population of Neolithic farmers somewhere in the Middle East to be the bearers of divine image). At the same...

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October 11, 2013
How Do Creationists Explain Bellybuttons?
Donald Prothero, Skeptic Blog
A classic example of an untestable theory to explain nature was the “Omphalos” hypothesis of Philip Henry Gosse. He was a well-respected naturalist in early nineteenth-century England who had written best-selling... more ››
October 14, 2013
Harvard's 3rd Most Popular Course Is a Surprise
C. Gross-Loh, Atlantic
Picture a world where human relationships are challenging, narcissism and self-centeredness are on the rise, and there is disagreement on the best way for people to live harmoniously together. It sounds like 21st-century... more ››