December 23, 2010

TSA Failure Rate May Approach 70%

Jennifer Welsh, Discover Blogs

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It seems like terrorists don’t even need to think of crazy new shoe, underwear, or pancake bombs to get around the TSA, since airport security seems to have forgotten what normal weapons look like. Though they still won’t let me bring four ounces of conditioner onto the plane.

About a year ago, Houston businessman Farid Sief accidentally brought his loaded Glock on a flight from Houston’s Bush...

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October 3, 2013
The Face Is the Focus for a Person Wielding a Gun
Univ. of Notre Dame
A person wielding a gun focuses more intently on the face of an opponent with a gun, presumably to try to determine that person’s likelihood of pulling the trigger, according to a new study that builds on gun-in-hand... more ››