November 8, 2010

Focus on AIDS Prevents Curing One Billion People

Robin McKie, Guardian


More than a billion victims of some of the world's most pernicious ailments could be treated with drugs that have annual costs of less than 30p a person.

However, the plight of these people is being neglected because resources are being monopolised in developing countries by three major conditions – HIV, malaria and TB – even though these diseases infect a much smaller fraction of their populations.

This is the warning of experts who say an opportunity to rid the planet of some of its worst scourges – including sleeping sickness, elephantiasis and river blindness – is being missed because of distorted Read Full Article ››

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October 8, 2013
Avian Malaria Killing Zoo Penguins
Donald McNeil, New York Times
Zoos all around the world love penguins. They’re cute, they don’t require much space, they never eat zookeepers. And children adore watching them, especially at feeding time. more ››