November 1, 2010

Our Galaxy May Have Mysterious Dark Matter

Ron Cowen, Science News


For years, most claims that scientists had found evidence of dark matter, the ghostly material believed to account for more than 80 percent of the universe’s mass, have seemed to dissolve into thin air. But a new claim of dark matter detection may have more than a dollop of cosmic credibility, scientists say.

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TAGGED: Gamma Rays, Dark Matter, Milky Way Galaxy


October 5, 2013
'This Is Really Bad.' Radio Telescopes Shut Down
D. Malakoff, Science
More than a year’s worth of expensive data used to trace the shape of the Milky Way galaxy could become worthless as a result of today’s closure of U.S.-based radio telescopes because of the government shutdown.“Holy cow,... more ››
October 3, 2013
Sun's Galactic Journey Tied to Mass Extinctions
Stuart Gary, ABC Sci.
The timing of some major extinction events on Earth coincides with the solar system's journey through Milky Way's spiral arms, suggests a new study. more ››